Our Mission and Goals

Headquartered in Italy, the platform has an ambitious international growth plan, building on its current focus on gas. Through acquisitions and continued growth, Thaleia will support the energy transition, national energy security and resilience.

The growth strategy will be implemented in full collaboration with the governments and local communities in the countries where Thaleia will operate.

Our Values

Zero Climate

We want to contribute to the goal of becoming the first climate-neutral continent by 2050 by promoting structural and joint actions involving the entire energy supply chain, together with the worlds of industry, agriculture, and infrastructure.

Increasing sustainability

We want to ensure that the energy system, facing radical changes, has paths of greater sustainability. Gas will play a crucial role, while delivering a response to global growing energy demands.

Security of supply and affordable prices

We want to support security of supply and, at the same time, the availability of affordable energy being increasingly central to the long-term sustainability of the economic and production systems.

Shared growth with stakeholders

We want to share the growth strategy and the achievement of goals with the governments and local communities where Thaleia will operate, boosting a fair balance of the interest of key stakeholders.

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